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The white duck jacket and grey duck down according to the fabric color to decide, generally lighter color fabric made with white eiderdown, darker color is used as a filler ash duck.

According to the general down can be divided into goose down and duck down, according to the color is divided into white and gray cashmere cashmere, of course, in addition, Iceland also made black eider down and so on. Relatively speaking, better general down from larger, more mature birds, it will be slightly better than the duck goose. From the color, white cashmere is white, can be used for light colored fabric and opaque, more popular than gray cashmere.

The basic requirements of down coat accessories are two: one is low temperature resistance, because the use of the environment is generally in low temperature, the low temperature resistant accessories are likely to fracture. Two is durable, imagine, in thirty degrees below zero environment, your zipper suddenly damaged and can not pull, and that will be what results.

Eider down mainly by surface coating fabric, coating fabric with weft yarn density of silk, cotton, polyester cotton fabric, the rolling pressure, the gap between the weft yarn out, then coated with polymer slurry to form a transparent coating chain covering layer and fabric, fabric with closed weft gap. Some add fluorine phosphorus resin or silicone waterproof agent in the coating slurry, so that the fabric has anti dew, waterproof performance.